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Personal Protection Dogs

Personal Protection Dogs (PPD)

Personal Protection Dogs are trained to solely protect you and your family in times of need. They are trained to go everywhere with you, and be friendly to all people and other animals unless instructed by the owner to guard and protect. These dogs are not used to guard the house, or a specific area like a junkyard or other type of estates. They are only trained to protect you.

 What sets our dogs apart from everyone else’s is that we raise and train them from puppyhood! They are raised with a family that has kids and other dogs. They are not purchased as young adults and trained for 1-3 months to become protection dogs and spend most of their time in a kennel when not being trained. Our dogs are taught how to be the most ideal house dog yet be aggressive when needed and told to be. They will be the best family companion dog ever, guaranteed!

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Hoagie is a Male Dutch Shepherd. Born 6/22/2022. He is the most loving and affectionate dog I know, but when needed can be a force to reckon with.
Toast is a Male Belgian Malinois. He is currently in training and showing good promise of becoming and excellent Personal Protection Dog.
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