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Hoagie is a Male Dutch Shepherd. Born 6/22/2022. He is the most loving  and affectionate dog I know, but when needed can be a  force to reckon with. He is great with all kinds of dogs, be it small, large, male, or female. He is also WONDERFUL with children of all ages. He was raised around my newborn son and has spent many hours around children. He even was used at a pre-school to help teach the kids safety around dogs! Hoagie is the perfect all-around dog.

He is trained in specific scenarios to protect you from threats such as:

1. Home intrusion
2. Someone breaking into your car
3. Someone coming onto your property that you don’t want
4. Someone showing intent to harm you in public such as a mugging or some form of harassment.

He also comes with advanced obedience which includes an off leash recall, on and off leash heeling (walking by your side), sit/stay, down/stay with the down/stay being for hours if at a restaurant, or some type of public event. He has a command to bark and deter a threat, and if needed, the command to bite and fight off the threat. He can then let go of the threat and return back to your side on command.

On top of these essential commands he also knows a few fun “tricks”. All around, you will not find a more loving and happy-go-lucky companion that also packs a  punch! He truly is the perfect embodiment of what a Personal Protection Dog should be!

On top of his great sociability, impeccable obedience, and ability to protect you, he also comes with amazing quality of life perks. By quality of life perks we are referring to the ability to be the perfect “house” dog. Hoagie is crate trained and potty trained. He can travel in the crate in the car, and will not bark excessively. He has a command to get into his crate and one that lets him out of it. He will wait at doorways until you tell him to go through (useful for when opening the front door of your house). He can be handled by the veterinarian with no issues. He’s happy to greet guests and is friendly towards them. He is tolerable of getting his nails trimmed and his paws being wiped off if dirty from being outside. He is trained to allow the brushing of his teeth. Although he is a high energy dog, when he’s in the house he has the ability to settle and relax! Which most dogs of his stature fail to posses. Overall, you will not find a more complete and well trained Personal Protection Dog. So if you wish to inquiry about Hoagie, simply click the button down below!


Hoagie is Priced at $25,000. A payment of $2,500 is also required on top of the $25,000 for the transport and drop off of the dog, in which you will also receive three days of training where we integrate the dog into your home, and teach and train you on how to handle your new Personal Protection Dog.

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