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Puppy Head Start Program


Did you just get a new puppy, or are thinking about getting a new puppy? Well, if you are, then this program is an absolute must! We cover topics such as crate training, potty training, first visits to the vet, proper socialization, environmental management, and prevention techniques that will help you prevent many unwanted future behaviors. Lastly, we get you and your puppy off to a great start in obedience training!

All of this is done in the convenience of your home!

Puppy Phone/Video Consultation - $45

We offer this service to help you decide what you need before bringing the puppy home, what breed of puppy best fits your lifestyle, how to select a good breeder, and any questions you may have about the early stages of raising a puppy.

We know this is an exciting time in your life and we want to make sure its an easy and worry-free time as well!

Cute Beagle puppy
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