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Jace MacDonald, CPDT-KA



Jace MacDonald is a Pittsburgh native and comes with 7+ years of experience in working with and training dogs. He has learned and trained in many aspects of the dog training world including basic pet dog obedience, behavioral training/modification, advanced obedience, service dog training, therapy dog training, hunt dog training, protection/sport dogs, and scent work.

By no means does he claim to be a “master” dog trainer. Any great dog trainer knows that this line of work requires you to be a permanent student. Jace prides himself on always trying to be better, and to learn everything he can in the ever-changing ways of canine learning and behavior. This allows him to always be using the most modern and effective training techniques and styles!

Jace graduated with a BA in Business while also obtaining a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. Upon completion of his schooling, he immediately started his pursuit of knowledge in the dog training field. He spent over six years learning from some of the best in the industry, while also obtaining his Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) certification through the Certified Council of Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). 

He sought out to start H-D (Human-Dog) Interactions because he noticed in his time at other places, that board and train programs were the most popular, and that there just was not enough time dedicated to teaching and educating the owners and general public about their dogs and the training that they receive. He’s also seen that more often than not, forceful methods were used in order to teach the dog’s their behaviors. There is a time and place for applying pressure in a dog’s training but it sure is not at the beginning when the dog is still LEARNING. On top of that, the owners would be given one lesson in which to learn everything they needed to do to continue the dog’s training. Which just is not enough. So, as a part of our programs we provide the amount of lessons necessary to learn and keep up with your dog’s training.  Our mission is to establish a clear form of communication between dogs and humans. To train the dogs effectively and efficiently, but more importantly, train and educate their owners as well. There are no “bad” dogs, just “untrained” humans.

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