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Our Philosophy

Most franchises and training facilities offer a two-week program that “guarantee” their training. Other trainers may go as far to state they can train the dog off-leash in two weeks. Some exceptional dogs can handle this type of intensive training, most cannot. Trainers, having little options to deliver on such high expectations, in such short amount of time to guarantee those results, are pushed to use forceful methods to accomplish the training. (Reference video below of Ivan Balabanov and Larry Krohn discussing how crazy it is to think and train like that. Both highly regarded and accomplished trainers).

Our Training Programs actually can guarantee the results because we focus on the key component that actually matters, and what really determines long term success. YOU! 

If you thought dog training was about just your dog then you were wrong, and you can join the millions of other owners and even most trainers that think that way. I always tell people “Who cares if your dog does really well for me or listens to me? Who cares that I can do this with your dog and make them look good? None of that matters if YOU can’t replicate those same results and replicate them where your dog is at for most of its life.” That is at your home and not at some high class training facility. 

Our training programs are set up to accomplish all the same things you would get from a board and train, but instead of just taking your dog through the training, we train you too! So not only are you investing in your dog’s training but you will be investing in your own as well! You will learn the skills necessary to teach, work with, and train your dog. Basically becoming your dog’s own personal dog trainer! By doing this you will know exactly how to handle them in any given situation and be able to work them through their behaviors should they not respond right away. You are equipped to fully know and understand the way dog’s think and act, and the whole training process from start to finish.

By signing up for one of our programs you are investing in the long term success of both you and your dog. The best part is, we CAN actually guarantee the results by training this way. For more information on our programs, visit the “Services” page. 

I do not own or claim the rights to this video.

Beagle dog jumping and running with a toy towards the camera
Training a dog
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